It`s on-demand portal solution with over ten years of experience in Nigeria.

Skoolboard on-demand portal solution is powered by Dreamlabs (Nig.) Ltd(insert the link for Dreamlabs website) with over ten years of experience in Nigeria. We provide portal solutions for tertiary institutions and organisations with creative, result-oriented ICT solutions.

Skoolboard is designed to ease manual processes, secure data and to make revenue-generating processes more effective and efficient through automation.

With Skoolboard our philosophy is to provide a highly efficient, globally competitive and cost-effective portal solution. Our passion, dedication to what we do, love and support, is something all our customers find appealing. Hence, in a decade we have built an incredible customer relationship with reputable clienteles in Nigeria and the UK. Today we provide portal solutions for educational institutions and government MDAs with Skoolboard.

Why Skoolboard

We are here in the digital age. With Skoolboard, together we can grow to pass the bulky paperwork and time-wasting/consuming manual processes.

Traditionally, universities and colleges carry out quite a several paper transactions with students. Admission form, course registration form, biodata, change of department, etc. are the norms in tertiary institutions. Eventually, paper files fill up the place. This system is prone to inconsistencies in student information, inefficient administrative unit, loss and inability to access student data couple with financial leakages and stress for both students and staff.

Skoolboard is built as a complete solution to completely automate the student information processing and turn any institution paperless.

Using Skoolboard, a cloud software which is always online. This means you have access on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere and anytime. The staff of the institution can log in at any time to view, update and manipulate student records within a secured environment. As part of Skoolboard security, different staff members are grouped into different groups with different access privileges in the system. Changes made on the portal are tracked.

Our multi-user portal solution is developed in a modular fashion using an open architecture. The portal is secured, reliable and user-friendly. The portal is hosted with proven partners to ensure security, availability, high bandwidth and speed.

Skooolboard Benefits

The ability of the students to perform functions from anywhere in the world – payments, admissions, course registration, hostel booking and checking of results

Comfort and convenience for students when seeking admission, paying, booking hostels, registering for courses and checking their results

Proven significant growth in revenue generated by the institutions.

Online marketing module for attracting a greater number of students.

Stores student records and histories in a structured database system.

Automates the key processes in the administration of student records enabling the institution to focus on its core objective of providing qualitative education.

Skoolboard Features

The features are as follows.


Admission module is a platform which makes it easy for admission officer of the institution to keep track of the admission process for all applicants within a particular academic session. It has a customized application form available for applicants on both the school website and the student login page of the portal. Also, the backend has an administrative page to access applicants’ details and either approve or reject an application.

Result Management

Skoolboard comes with a grading module that enables Exams and record unit to manage and grade results of students on their courses. The Results management module is a multi-user and multi-level platform where individual assigned users can perform a general function at the same time and a specific function differently. Users are assigned according to their academic role in their respective department/unit.


The payment module is a comprehensive application that enables students to makes payments for any fees to the University with an ATM card. It also provides an alternative Over the Counter (OTC) Payment at designated banks to ensure business continuity at all times and reduce the risk of downtime especially during the peak/pressure periods.

Course Registration

Skoolboard course registration module enables the students to be able to register their courses for each semester and also grant the privilege for academic advisers to approve/reject registered courses.


Skoolboard portal solution is built firstly with security and data sensitivity in mind. There are several features in-built which ensure students and staff data integrity are maintained.

Hostel Allocation

The hostel allocation module enables students to be allocated hostel beds based on rules specified. The portal solution is customized with rules such as the first come first serve with ranking of different beds, gender or mixed hostel, room/block reservation.

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