Skoolboard Portal Solution is a Student Management Software developed to aid tertiary institutions manage their student data as well as revenue more efficiently and effectively.

Why Skoolboard

Traditionally universities/Colleges carry out quite a number of paper transactions with students. Forms for admission, course registration, bio data, and change of department are the norm. Eventually paper files fills up the place. This system is prone to inconsistencies in student information, inefficient administrative unit, financial leakages and a difficult time for students.

Skoolboard portal solution has been built as a complete solution to totally automate the student information processing and turn any institution paperless.
Using the portal, the staff of the higher institution can log in at any time to view, update and manipulate student records within a secured environment. The different staff members are grouped into different groups with different access privileges in the system. All changes made on student records by staff are tracked.

Our multi-user portal solution is developed in a modular fashion using an open architecture. The portal is accessible, secured, reliable and user-friendly. The portal is be hosted with proven partners to ensure security, high availability, high bandwidth and speed.

Skoolboard Benefits

Cost Effective

Total computerization leads to cost savings in the long term for the institution.

Data Accessibility

Fingertip access to a robust database of all student records.

Fraud Detection

It’s secure and
detect any admission/results manipulation.

Revenue Generation

Easy to generate sustainable revenue internally.

Skoolboard Modules

The modules are as follows.

Our Clients

These are one of the clients currently available on skoolboard.


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